We are passionate learners…Our passion lies in inspiring and collaborating with other passionate learners.

When we have the opportunity to share with other educators, collaborating with excited, empowered, and passionate people so that more students around our globe are inspired to change the world, this also ignites our passion!

We have spoken to incoming teachers, collaborated with grade level teams about the implementation of Genius Hour, presented at EdTech Conferences, Literacy Conferences, and also at EdCamps.  We have spoken to School Board Members, businesses and community members about the cultivation of relationships and mentors for students so that we can continue to empower them, give them choices and help them harness their voices.


Eliciting student voice and choice is woven into everything that we do.  How can we share our knowledge and converse about how we bring voice and choice into the classroom?

We will speak with your crew about: Voice, Choice, & ____________ (you fill in the blank)

Genius Hour
Going Gradeless
Student-Led Conferences
Service Learning
Outdoor Classroom
P3BL: Project Based Learning/Problem Based Learning/Place Based Learning
Cross Curricular Connections and Curriculum Integration
Global Citizenship
Community Meeting
We are adaptable and can create a session to meet the needs of our audience


Reflections on Voice, Choice and Paper Airplanes …

“I will remember how the community meeting impacts your student community.” C. Walker
“I just wanted to say I am blown away by your awesome presentation, site, etc. Do something for TG2 Teachers Going Gradeless?” A. Chiarravalli
“I will remember the importance of VOICE!” P. Miller
“I think genius/artist maybe could be used interchangeably.  I wonder if I can use some of these ideas on my art classroom-getting students to share their passion through their art.” J. Durocher
“I will remember every student has a voice and wants to share it.” J. Durocher


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