If you’re ready to begin implementing some of these ideas, we want to share the resources that we have compiled!  Our Inspiration page houses websites that we utilize  personally and professionally each year during implementation.  This page houses documents we have created as well as other resources we invite you to tap into as you begin your journey.


Voice, Choice, and Paper Airplanes Pedagogy and Resources

Voice, Choice, and GENIUS HOUR

Community Meeting:

This is the place where we build community and set the stage for safety and inclusion of all students.  We often share a picture book during this time and connect this to our thinking for the day or the work that we have been exploring.  During this time we play games and allow students to lead the group in conversation, in the greeting and often in the game or the story that is shared.  Our goal for our classroom is to have it completely student led so we scaffold these experiences and as the year unfolds, students begin to take over and lead our way.


The Classroom Habitudes in Action: 
We use documentaries, novels and the characters we meet within them, real world characters as well as ourselves to strengthen our conversation about the Classroom Habitudes.  We encourage you to do the same! We also utilize these habitudes each fall to help students set goals for themselves at Goal Setting Conferences.


Adaptability. Courage. Curiosity. Perseverance. Imagination. Self-Awareness. Passion.

Goals might look like: I plan to persevere more during math class as I utilize my notes and look at examples, checking in with my peers and creating models before checking in with Ms. Smith.

Here is Arrion who wanted to show more courage and share his voice more widely during classroom discussion and in his writing.

Genius Hour:

We continue to play with how we launch our Genius Hour work.  In the past, we have begun with the Cardboard Challenge (October 7th this year), with conversations about jelly beans, showing clips about futbol/soccer, with each student coming to our community meeting with a talent/passion show and tell, and with research questions posed that they were interested in.

We continue to be inspired by the work of Joy Kirr and we connect with our PLN via Twitter and Facebook constantly to share and learn new ways of connecting and supporting students in their work.

Several major components of our GENIUS HOUR work: 
This work is NOT graded, students are driving, mistakes are WELCOMED and should be celebrated with the group, connecting with a mentor is crucial, and making an impact on our world is KEY!


Placed Based Learning/ Problem Based Learning/ Project Based Learning:
We began our individual Genius Hour Projects with whole class PBL and if you are interested in our story, these two Presentations of Learnings (POLs) created and designed by students will give you a glimpse into our work:



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