“You are all geniuses and the world EXPECTS your contribution.”
-Angela Maiers

Each student we encounter possesses genius and our goal is to help them find it.  We are two teachers who are passionate about voice and choice in our classroom because this is how we hope to empower our students to identify their passion; their genius! When you enter our space, you will know our students have voice by:

  • Seeing THEIR writing on our walls as we explore big ideas, anchor texts, writing strategdreamcatcheries, & global issues
  • Observing daily community meetings where our students share THEIR thinking, ideas, & opinions.  This is a time we listen to each other’s dreams, wishes, hopes and needs.
  • Capturing THEIR goals, struggles and their successes in student led conferences
  • Looking at our curriculum maps/calendars, which are ever changing. Our students and THEIR needs, interests, and passions help shape what we teach, when we teach it, and how we teach it.
  • Hearing our students discuss global issues like poverty, education, immigration, racism, and basic human needs. THEIR voices will be heard AND listened to.
  • Inviting their reflection
  • Welcoming their mistakes, providing feedback, safety, & encouragement so that they have multiple opportunities for success.

When in our classroom, it will be evident our students have choice by:

  • Watching our students find, research, and present on Genius Hour projects; a weekly time where students pick THEIR topics and have the freedom and independence to passionately dive in to subjects that matter to them.
  • Taking part in our daily read, read, read time. This is an independent reading time where students are reading books of THEIR choice working towards our 40 book challenge.
  • Looking closely at student work as we read through texts. Students ‘talk to the text’ while reading and are able to experience text in THEIR way. You will see student writing all over reading pieces where students can question, reflect, connect, summarize, predict, and synthesize.
  • Interacting with THEIR community to make choices about how we might positively impact it through service learning projects and place based learning.

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