For students: resources inspired by students’ ever-changing passions

Project Explorer allows LEARNERS TO TRAVEL THE WORLD empowering their global citizenship:

Inspiring questions, curiosity and wonder each day...we tap into the beauty of Wonderopolis:


We get acquainted with real life numbers and become more comfortable asking questions & making sense of data with Daily Infographic:


We seek new texts through resources such as Nerdy Book Club:


For current news at accessible reading levels for all of our readers, we go to News ELA:


Getting inspired is inevitable when we tap in to our resource of Kid President:




For Us…as educators

Going we explore the idea of giving feedback and utilizing reflection as a replacement for the 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s in our standards based grading system, this resource continues to inspire us:


Building Community within our team is PARAMOUNT to everything else!  Without a solid community of learners knowing that they are safe and respected, our learning won't reach its full potential!

As we launch our year, we begin with conversations inspired by Donalyn Miller and her work with The Book Whisperer as the reading they experience will open them up to the world:

Our Genius Hour has been evolving for four years and we still rely on JOY KIRR for her LiveBinder and her blog!



We continually talk about our WHY!  So much of the philosophy that we share is supported by the ASCD:


As we become more aware global citizens, we connect with other readers and authors around the globe. To do so, we take inspiration from Pernille Ripp and rely on The Global Read Aloud for connections:








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