What I DID do this summer

It is September 4th.  I have one more day of summer left.  At the end of summer, I always get so pensive about how I spent my time: did I relax enough?  did I give my boys enough experiences?  did I read enough?  write enough?  was I productive enough?  That word enough keeps popping up as you can see.

I know I am the type of person that’s more likely to zoom in looking for possible failures and shortcomings rather than zoom in on progress and accomplishment.

I tweeted out recently that I needed to go somewhere and ponder if I had _____________ enough this summer and a fellow educator, tweeted back at me: “It will never be ‘enough.’  Ponder all you were able to do. We are only human.”  (Thanks, Joy!)



This blog will be about what I DID do this summer… no mention of where I fell short; no mention of things I didn’t accomplish, didn’t finish; no mention of the stuff I let fall by the wayside (like how this is my first blog post of the summer… whoops). 

  • I DID read… A LOT.  I’d say 15 books is a solid accomplishment.  Plus, I’m reading two right now.  The best part is I read books for several genres as well as books about teaching, parenting (which always help my teaching too), young adult novels, and books just for my own pleasure.  Let’s not forget the HUNDREDS of picture books I’ve read with Nolan, Judah, and Carter. 
  • I DID update and upload all photos from all devices through this spring.  They are organized on Snapfish. 
  • I DID continue my quest at putting all other photos in albums.  I started way back in 2009 and am all the way to 2013. Plus, Carter’s pictures from his first year is into albums too
  • I DID upload all videos from all devices through this spring.  They are even backed up on an external hardrive…score! I also began burning family videos on DVDs.
  • I DID present at two conferences with Katie – nErDcampMI being a huge highlight.  Being around those educators made me feel at home.  Going to speak about our classroom has been an inspiring and empowering experience for us.
  • I DID begin my first crossover from teacher to parent.  Judah started speech this summer.  I’ve learned a lot and he’s learned a TON.  Just tonight I left their room in happy tears and Judah was pronouncing Nolan and Carter’s names more clearly with the help of a wonderfully patient teacher: Nolan.
  • I DID stay away from school.  This is the first time in four years my professional world has not been rocked with new teaching partners, new subjects to teach, or a movement of my classroom (one year, all three of those things happened).  I can’t begin to tell you how much I noticed the hours and hours I was able to spend with my boys instead of being at school working.
  • I DID enjoy being an aunt, sister, neighbor, daughter, and friend.  During the school year, my roles of wife, mama, and teacher can be about all I can handle sometimes.  Visiting, having play dates, doing dinners, catching up, talking on the phone, and spending lots of time with friends and family made my heart feel full and extremely lucky. 
  • I DID take time for myself… an occasional nap, exercise, dinners out with friends…  
  • Finally, I DID play and play and play and play with Nolan, Judah, Carter and Josh.  We played at the beach, in Lake Huron, outside, in the basement at playgrounds, in the pool, at family’s houses, at neighbors’ and friends’ houses, and went on more “adventures” than I could count.  
Now that I’ve looked over this list… Wow.  This is enough.  
Thank you, summer 2016.  You’ve been the best one yet!  

Swimming, building, exploring, creating, pretending. Now THAT is a summer!

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  1. You go, girl!! Sounds like your summer was plenty busy! Enjoy the consistency (hopefully) of this next school year, and all the moments you have to try and do something for YOURSELF, too! Thanks for sharing this post with me.

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