#OneWord New Year’s Resolution: YET

I am a goal-driven person.  Period.

(Actually, more like-exclamation point)!
For as long as I can remember, I have always made a New Year’s resolution. It was another excuse to start fresh, re-focus, reflect, and plan ahead.  I always strive to be better because I know there is always work to do 🙂

When I sat down this year to think about what my resolution might be, I started reflecting the way I always seem to, by asking myself WHERE CAN I IMPROVE?  That is then followed up with all these other negative questions to myself:  where am I falling short?  What am I NOT doing? Question like that go on and on and on.
I inevitably end up with an extremely long list of things I’m ‘bad’ at: I don’t read enough, blog enough, work out enough, give feedback enough, pray enough, spend time with Josh enough, email parents of my students enough, celebrate positive things enough, call friends enough…  Again, this goes on and on and on.
I end up feeling semi motivated, semi overwhelmed, and semi awful about myself.
I was playing around on Twitter today and saw people tweeting about #ONEWORD that would sum up their new year’s plans.
Both because I’m not concise and because of the new year’s conversation my crazy brain and I have every year (see above), I wanted millions of ONEWORDs.
I decided I would never decide on one word.  Instead I went back to all these negative things about myself I wanted to change… and then… the word came to me:
During this school year, our team tacks that special word unto LOTS of negative thoughts or comments about ourselves and our abilities.
Take negative statements SO many students say and see the power
-I’m not a good reader… YET.
-I don’t know how to solve this problem… YET.
-I can’t do this… YET.
HELLO?! This was so obvious.  The word yet makes things unfinished, not stagnant or permanent.  It has hope attached to it.  Isn’t that what New Year’s Day is supposed to be all about anyway?  Hope for a better year? A better world?
It is clear my 2016 will be all about my mindset.  I will continue to examine myself under a microscope looking for failings, short-comings, and areas which need my attention, or focus.  It’s who I am.  What I CAN change is using the word ‘yet’ more often when I am working to improve.
2016: I have not conquered you YET, but I think I will 😉
PS: If you’re interested in reading where this whole #ONEWORD thing came from, there is a book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon.  I haven’t read it… yet 🙂

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