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itsnotfairIt’s Not Fair!

While Benj and Henry were sleeping I cleaned up all their toys. I got the kitchen cleaned up and the laundry put away. I read some of my book, BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT, when they woke up, all of that was UNDONE!

There was sand all over their table with crumbles in the carpet. There was play dough drying in clumps on the chair. Their art work was beautiful, the mess was terrible.

I had a kitchen that had snacks all over it. There were apple slices and apple cores. There was peanut butter on the counter and all over the knife. There was caramel dip on the tray of Henry’s high chair.

Spilled milk, tinkle, caramel on their clothes. The laundry was finished and now there is more because I HAVE MESSY, LIVING, LOVING BOYS!

It’s not fair that I do these things and they are undone. OR…is it fair?!?! I GET ALL OF THESE THINGS and I might just sit and enjoy them rather than feel troubled by them. I GET to have toys and the money to provide good things for my boys that can BE messy. We have the privilege of feeding ourselves a healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) snack…which can BE MESSY! We have a washer and a dryer as well as clothes to BECOME messy. Are these things to be grateful for or things that I should feel frustrated by and feel like “IT’S NOT FAIR! “?

It’s Not Fair!
I have the things that I need and others around world do not. I have water to splash in and play in. I have clean water to drink. I can turn on my faucet and out of it comes clean, refreshing, filtered water to drink and to cook with! I can turn my faucet on with a different handle and out comes warm water to splash my face, to fill the bathtub with or to shower in.

Other people, in my town, in my state, my country and all over this globe don’t have that luxury. What can I do about that? What can WE do about that?


After doing almost three weeks of the Global Read Aloud and wondering about our decision as sixth grade teachers to allow our students to examine picture books…I am soooooo very at peace that we chose to do this!!  There is so much to be learned from picture books.  I was quite convinced of that as we have also embarked up on the #bookaday challenge, but as we get deeper into our examination of perspective and global issues with these texts, I know…I BELIEVE them to be so extremely valuable to our students’ knowledge and to building their schema with these collective texts.

I am proud of the work we have done and I am looking forward to the rest of our connecting via #GRAAMY and #GRA15.  So far, we are learning about our world and ourselves which are both solid takeaways from this experience.

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