Is this seat taken?

Our goal is to offer each of our learners a learning space that might work for their individual needs.

We are constantly inviting students to move around the room, think about the classroom as our space, and find the place where they can be most successful.  We try to be thoughtful about the implementation of new tools and the rearrangement of our learning environment while considering their ideas and their voice as we make changes.  We continue to read about the benefits of varied learning spaces for all students. After several years of collecting unique pieces and trying out different ideas put forth by students, we contacted our school district’s occupational therapist.  Although we have used yoga balls in the past and moved away from them, he pushed us to re-consider yoga balls and introduce supported floor seating (small stadium seats) and stand up desks.

As this school year begins we have a variety of spaces and seats within these spaces to offer our students!  We have floor space, table groups, floor cushions, a couch, stand up table space, a floor table, supported floor seating, as well as an outdoor learning space filled with tree stumps and a stage area built for sitting that was brought to life through student’s vision last year!

yogaballsJust yesterday we drafted our letter to go home to families of our incoming geniuses…we invited them to send in a yoga ball with their student if that seemed like it might benefit them as a learner.  If for some reason the yoga ball doesn’t work out for them, we can readjust and find another option, but we hope that this allows families to get to know us as educators and learners ourselves…we are open to what might work best for EACH child individually.  When they come to our room for open house, they will experience a space that has been transformed through collaboration.  They will see that student voice plays a big role in how our classroom is run as they look outside, as they tour our various reading and learning spaces and as they glance at our walls;  free spaces for collecting artifacts of additional collaboration among our new group of sixth graders!

I can’t wait to meet them…to see how they react and interact with these spaces!
What does your classroom space posses that we might want to include somehow into ours?  Share…we will steal the goodness.

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