What’s On Your Nightstand?

blogbooksBooks are candy to me.

My “to read” list grows daily.

I read for pleasure. I read to learn. Learning brings me a lot of joy, thus reading brings me great joy!

This is a current picture of my nightstand. My hair tie sits next to my lamp in the bottom right corner! There are two visible piles of books here…it is clear that at any given time I have a variety of texts waiting for me to pour over them.
The book on top, The Crossover, is a fairly current book of poems written from the perspective of a young man, a twin, the son of a former professional athlete. It is a Young Adult read and I am flying through it as several of my students did at the end of the year as soon as it arrived to our classroom. This book arrived about two weeks before the year was over and as we were finishing up our 40 Book Challenge! Kids in our class finished the year with a hunger for books that might not have been so present before they embarked upon this challenge. Given that I want students to feel that books are their candy, they read it before me…I am loving it as much they suggested I might!

Rethinking Globalization is the larger book just beneath and this is a very different text than The Crossover, but for me it is not unusual that I am reading several books of various genres at one time. I am less inclined to read multiple books of the same genre at once as I can’t keep them straight! Rethinking Globalization is a text that I have used as I think about how I can weave social studies and language arts together while empowering my students at thinkers. This books remains ever on my nightstand as the other books come and go! This is a guide for my teaching and learning.

The back pile has some Young Adult reading, a non-fiction book, The Wonder of Boys (as I have two young boys…as well as a classroom full on any given day), a historical fiction text that I just finished for my own book club, Orphan Train, and two others that I haven’t yet opened.

A nightstand feels quite telling about a person as a reader. I know that my nightstand tells a story, and when I walk into either of my son’s rooms and look at their nightstand it gives me a glimpse into their world just as mine might to someone who doesn’t know me so well.

In our classroom we often ask visitors what they have on their nightstands and it is always curious what they reply with…what is on your nightstand?

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