Genius Hour Doesn’t Vacation!

These are a few of the items that have been coming in over the summer…inspired by the work of our students during the 2014-2015 school year.  One of our students researched foster care and did some investigation about how she might improve the lives of students (and all children) who might find themselves to be part of the foster care system during their lifetime.

bloglugShe, herself, is part of a family who fosters children and she has found that she is quite passionate about this work.  During #geniushour she spent time reading, listening to interviews, watching videos and trying to problem solve a bit.  What she came up with was the idea to collect items that might benefit kids who are moving from one place to another and who might not have a decent way to transport their belongings.  She talked about the fact that often kids are traveling with their most valuable possessions in trash bags.  This gives them the feeling that they are being put out with the trash.  She wanted them to feel empowered…that they had something to travel with that gave them some pride and made them feel like their most valuable possessions were taken care of as they would be in this new setting.

She shared this YouTube video with us during her presentation as part of the launch to get this luggage collection going: Removed.  This was a challenging piece to share, to experience with students,  but because it is a reality for students, it feels important to share here.

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